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Touch me not

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We are from two worlds

I am strongly looking for a commission on this unique piece

The sixth sense: Woman Intuition

The sixth sense: Woman Intuition

The sense of sight
The sense of hearing
The sense of taste
The sense of smell
The sense of touch

How come you always like a child?

Hear my heart beat

Five Virgins

I am doing a small idea, but there is a big vision in it

Five Destinies

Unfinished Stories... ...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Honeymoon Paradise (Hawaii)

When doors are facing each other (chinese direct translation)

"igolf" Title: How can I support you?

I am working on a 10-feet-high golf tee sculpture now. The whole golf tee will be covered up all the brass and bronze.
I have been collecting many brass and bronze products in DI for almost three years. They are all different and unique; most of them are made in India.

"igolf" Title: Do you know I hate you?

Can you see the English word "Hate" and the Chinese word "Hate" at the same time? If not, you may be have color blind or you don't know Chinese yet. This piece I am going to install golf tees and golf balls on a four feet round table.