Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"igolf" Title: Do you know I hate you?

Can you see the English word "Hate" and the Chinese word "Hate" at the same time? If not, you may be have color blind or you don't know Chinese yet. This piece I am going to install golf tees and golf balls on a four feet round table.


  1. if you don't tell me, I don't know there is the english "hate" in it..... I believe I am not very good in english ahahhahaha

  2. wow...it's amazing....I think I see 恨... If you didn't explain, I would've missed HATE.. wow..

    Thank God, I'm not color-blind.

    In Korean culture, 恨 is more like : ㉠한 ㉡유감(遺憾) ㉢한하다, 원통하다(冤痛--) ㉣뉘우치다, 후회하다(後悔--) ㉤원망스럽다(怨望---), 원망스럽게 생각하다 ㉥미워하다 ㉦억울하다(抑鬱--).. so many years, Korea was supressed and sufferred, and 恨 is the expression of it..

    I'm amazed...