Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My 2nd artshow is coming soon


  1. Kisslan, I love your art work!! It's really something that catches our mind! I am sure you didn't waste your two years. Extraordinary!! I don't really know what to say cause I am running out of words. It's beyond compare!

    I wish I can see your exhibition in person!!

  2. I've been enjoying your exhibit the last two weeks so much (I work in the advisement center so I see it every time I walk out the door). When I saw them dismantling everything this afternoon, I was really really sad (and it says on your above flyer that the exhibit lasts until tomorrow--what's the deal?). Any chance you will post pictures on here of each piece of the exhibit? It's something I would love to share with my friends. Thank you for sharing your brilliant artwork with us!

  3. Hi Heath,
    Thanks for your attentions to my work. I am going to post all pieces soon. Don't be sad, there will be igolf part II in Aug. I have more cool ideas to share with those who love my contemporary sculptures. I posted all pieces on my facebook already. Try to find kisslan chan and add me. I think there is only one kisslan chan in the world. Thanks again