Thursday, March 12, 2009

"igolf" As one show finished, another is just set to begin ....

Artist Biography:
Kisslan Chan is a contemporary sculptor from Hong Kong. He obtained his BFA in sculpture at BYU-Hawaii. When he studied at BYU-Hawaii, he fell in love with the game of golf because it relates so well with his dreams. It is for this reason he has combined golf with fine arts to express himself. Kisslan foresees spacious golf courses in the future becoming galleries for his sculptures. His theme for his art works is about the relationship of love, especially focusing on a series of dialogues between couples who are in love.

Artist Statement:
Human beings experience many common dialogues in daily life that contain both positive and negative feelings. These may include hope, excitement, humor, despair, sadness and so on. I found it valuable to create my sculptures projecting some of these dialogues that are commonly heard in movies and commercials. The name of the show "igolf" comes from modern terms we find in popular devices such as the iphone, ipod, and the imac that reflect our technological world. In addition, the sound for "i" shares the same sound of the Chinese Mandarin word for "love." I would love to present and share my enthusiasm for my works. Please put yourselves into these works and hopefully you will be reminded of some significant experiences you and your love ones have shared.


  1. Thanks so much for posting these. Do you get to set up this exhibit elsewhere now?

  2. They are all in my studio now. I won't exhibit them again, but I am preparing "igolf" part II. Hopefully I can finish it before I go back to Hong Kong. Keep checking this blog. Thanks